Research fellowships
and doctoral programmes

The Trust supports the Institute’s aim to attract high calibre early stage scientists as well as established investigators.

In 2015-16 the Trust funded the recruitment of two new Senior Research Fellows, Dr Jelena Bezbradica from Yale University and Dr Audrey Gerard from UCSF , as well as Dr Jonathan Sherlock, a Consultant Rheumatologist from the University of Birmingham, as a Clinical Fellow studying inflammatory arthritis.

In 2013 Dr Tal Arnon joined the Institute from University of California San Francisco and later received a Wellcome Trust Investigator award to support research into dynamic imaging of the immune response, a good example of the way that early support from the Trust allows researchers to attract subsequent funding.

The Institute also appointed two new research fellows supported by the Kennedy Trust and Arthritis Research UK to the Osteoarthritis Centre of Excellence. Dr Ngee Han Lim works on molecular imaging in inflammatory disease and Dr Angus Wann on primary cilium in inflammatory signalling.